Friday, October 26, 2012

#FortHernandez Day 62

The Santa Ana winds are blowing strong here at Fort Hernandez. Tents are full of dust and leaves. The air is dry and the sky is crystal clear.

Inside the fort the coffee is black. We're out of cream and sugar. Look around, It's hard to find an outlet with all the devices being charged. The tables are covered with outreach fliers, water bottles, books, art supplies. In the kitchen food is warming on the stove.  Rice, beans, potatoes, tortillas, homemade salsa.  It smells so good.

We had a great outreach meeting after breakfast today.  There are three actions on the immediate horizon needing attention, Occupy San Fernando Valley's 1 year anniversary Oct. 29, Fort Hernandez Haunted House Oct. 31, and a Evict Bank Rally and March on Nov. 9th.  We split up the work, and hit the streets.

In the afternoon the garden was tended.  Beans that were soaked and planted a few days ago are sprouting. Compost is healthy.  Today we started saving seeds.  Food security is part of the resistance.

Now the children have come home from school.  The whole family is here.  Occupiers are folding new fliers and listening to KPFK.  Everywhere you go inside the Fort is the feeling of friendship and family.  Some are discussing plans in the backyard.  Some are making art.  Some are cooking.  We wish you were here, and encourage you to BUILD YOUR OWN FORT!

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