Monday, October 29, 2012

#FortHernandez Day 64 - The Barricade is Taken by the State.

At 11am this morning approx. 50 LAPD officers illegally raided our land and home, storm-trooping onto the property and abusing multiple rights. They would not let anyone in or out.  They blocked of both ends of the street.  With a bulldozer and dozens of construction workers they torn down the barricade erected as a symbol of protection against state and corporate brutality.  Helicopters circled above.  Soon the news reporters came.

From inside the Fort comrades tweeted and filmed.  Family members stood their ground, protecting family and friends.  Luckily the children were not here to witness the scene.  Looking into the faces of the LAPD showed that some of them were not proud to be there.  How could they be?  They are on the wrong side of the line.  The line between freedom and control.  They are tools for the 1%.

Thanks to everyone out there that heard the call and sent out notifications through the network. We stand together in this fight. Take this as a call to action. Resist. Revolt. Reclaim. Rebuild!

Now we concentrate on moving forward.  Fort Lucero has come to our aid.  All across the world comrades have shown support.  The message is our priority.  We will not give up!


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  1. Following you from Supporting you from Florida. Keep up the great work, we are keeping vigil until you get to keep your home!