Sunday, October 28, 2012

#FortHernandez Day 63 - Rebel Art

Day 63 at Fort Hernandez started with Dennis making pancakes!  We stayed up late into the night last night, playing music and telling stories, so folks crawled out of their tents and sleeping bags a little slower than usual.  After coffee and pancakes though, it was time to make some art and do some outreach.

Ulises has a speaking engagement scheduled today and Fort Lucero has a Fraudclosure community outreach action planned.  Comrades were going in all directions, though a few of us stayed behind to make patches, make art for the Haunted Fort, and silk screen t-shirts for the Brother Ali show.  We're beginning to accumulate a collection of stencils and screens.  We make do with what is available to us.  DIY!

As the stand-off continues between the state and the Hernandez family, activists from the local community and all over the world continue to show support in various ways. Mike has repeatedly shown up with silk screening materials and t-shirts. Today he screened over 30 shirts. Willy and others helped in the process.

After the shirts and patches dried, Ki and Ariana packed them all up with stacks of flyers and went to the El Rey Theatre.  Brother Ali was performing a show and offered space at his show for us to represent.  Music is crucial to the movement!  (Check out a track below)

As day turned into night comrades came and went, wandering through the kitchen to get some food, gathering in the back yard to discuss planned actions, chillin in their tents for some down time.  It was a hot day and the cool evening was welcoming.

While Brother Ali was bringing it down at the El Rey, comrades at the Fort ended the day watching a documentary on the Zapatista movement.  History has a powerful message.  Lessons are everywhere.

Brother Ali - Mourning in America by rhymesayers

As we evolve resistance culture at Fort Hernandez, art is flourishing in many directions.  Silk screens and patches make great gifts and we will keep producing new versions.  Barricade murals, banners, flags and signs provide other canvas for expression.  Sing songs! Write Poetry!  Make Rebel Art!  We are history in the making.

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